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06/26/2020: Payment of the dividend in shares

Press release

Sainte-Marie, June 26, 2020 at 8 p.m.

Divide payment optionnde in shares chosen by 68% of the capital

Reinforcement of equity capital to the tune of € 5.3 million

CBo Territoria announces that theoption for dividend paymentfrom in actions for the financial year 2019 caught the interest of a large majority ofe its shareholders: 68% of option rights were exercised in favor of a payment in shares at the end of the option period, open from June 10 to 24, 2020 included.

This transaction allows CBo Territoria to strengthen its equity capital € 5.3 million in an international economic context weakened by the health crisis. It testifies to the loyalty and trust of a great majority of shareholders in the Group’s resilience and development strategy.

For the record, the General Assembly of CBo Territoria du June 3, 2020 a decided to pay a dividend for the financial year 0.23 2019 € per share and offered shareholders an option between paying this dividend in cash or in new Company shares.

The price of the new share returned as payment of the dividend was set at 3.02 euros, corresponding to 90% of the average of the prices quoted for the twenty trading sessions preceding theGeneral Meeting of June 3, less the amount of the dividend.

This transaction will create 1,785,664 new ordinary shares representing 4.89% of the new capital after increase.

The rule-delivery and admission to negotiations of these new shares on the Euronext Paris market will take place on June 30, 2020.

The shares thus issued will carry current rights and will have the same rights and restrictions as the ordinary shares in circulation, as described in the company’s articles of association.

Following this operation, the capital will now be composed of 36,502,394

shares representing 36,502,394 theoretical voting rights and 36,265,310 real voting rights (excluding treasury shares).

Payment of the dividend in cash ofa total of 2,539,330 euros will also be paid on June 30.

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Landowner, developer and real estate developer of reference in Reunion and Mayotte, CBo Territoria is a real estate operator listed on Euronext C (FR0010193979, CBOT). The owner of 3,000 hectares, the Group aims to become a multi-regional Land Company whose development is co-financed by the results of its Real Estate Promotion activity.