AIR LIQUIDE raised one billion euros on the bond market

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AIR LIQUIDE raised one billion euros on the bond market

( – Air Liquide completed a two-billion-euro bond issue. The first tranche, of 500 million euros, has a duration of five years and offers a yield of 1.022%. The second tranche, of the same amount, offers a return of 1.47%, mas over 10 years. The funds raised will enable the group to refinance in advance the bond maturities of June 2020, and to continue to finance its long-term growth in a sustainable manner, under very competitive conditions.

Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance, said: “In a context disturbed and marked by many uncertainties, this success demonstrates that the resilience of Air Liquide’s business model is well understood by the markets and allows us to have a reserve of liquidity to deal calmly with the current situation ”. – LEARN MORE


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