and Fally Ipupa commit to a safer internet

Facebook and Fally Fally commit for an internet more sure

Friday, 14 February 2020 – A few days After the Day World for an internet more sure, Facebook its associate to the music star African Fally Fally for a countryside awareness security in line.

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Visible on Facebook through Africa sub-Saharan, the countryside video remember to the users a few good practice for protect his account, report or share a publication on the platform.

For relay these messages, Facebook did call to the celebrity Congolese Fally Fally, popular across the continent African, who has accepted of share his experience personal to encourage a change positive of the behaviours in line.

“I find pity than some use the networks social for extol violence, what is physical or morality. But Most important it is of stay positive and use the tools that exist on Facebook to get protect of these abuse and promote the respect in line. “ at commented the artist most French speaking known in Africa.

Initiative to at promote education for a best use of tools digital, the Day World for an internet more sure gathers each year millions of people who wish inspire and promote actions on education digital and the security in line.

“We would like to this that Facebook is a place open at all and to youth in particular. ” at declared Jocelyne Muhutu-Rémy, Responsible of the partnerships strategic with the media in Africa Saharan (Facebook). It is Why we offer a range tools on Facebook or Instagram to give users a control total on their experience, and make them aware of resources they can use for enjoy in all security of the wealth of platforms digital.

Facebook makes available various resources, easily accessible, on the security in line. For in know more, do not hesitate not to consult our website on the security: and our other Site (s dedicated :

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