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Coronavirus-The global number of cases greater than 10 million

by Cate Cadell

BEIJING, June 28 ( – The global number of
contamination with new coronavirus has passed the 10 bar
million, according to a statement made Sunday by, while
that the total number of deaths caused by respiratory disease
characteristic of COVID-19 is close to 500,000.

According to the World Health Organization, this figure of
10 million is roughly double the number of severe influenza cases
registered every year around the world. At this point, continue
WHO, the COVID-19 epidemic has killed you as much as the flu does
in one year.

The symbolic bar of 10 million is crossed for a moment
o many countries – especially in Europe – which have been
hardest hit by the disease, continue their exit
gradual containment measures taken between March and May
to stem the virus.

But, pending the development of a possible
vaccine, social distancing and precautionary measures
continue to be encouraged.

And all the more so as certain countries report new ones
foci of infection, causing, for example in Germany,
localization measures so as not to undergo a
second wave, considered likely by many experts
larger-scale scientists.

With more than 2.5 million cases and more than 125,000 dcs
caused by COVID-19, the United States is by far the most
affected by the disease, representing only a quarter of
total in both accounts while the country, with some
331 million inhabitants, accounts for just over 4% of the
world population.

Although the epidemic appeared to be under control in May, it is
strongly spread, mainly affecting southern states and
the West. On Friday, the United States reported 45,242
new confirmed cases, the highest daily increase
raised since the onset of the disease.

North America, Latin America and Europe
represent around 25% of cases each while Asia
11% and the Middle East 9%, according to data, based on official figures
provided by states.

The first confirmed cases of coronavirus were established on
January 10, Wuhan, in central China, then the epidemic
spread to Europe and then to the United States and Russia.

Besides new to the United States, it is now raging in
India and Brazil, with over 17,000 and nearly e respectively
39,000 new cases announced on Saturday.

At the end of last week, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
the Director-General of WHO said that, despite
improvement in Europe, the COVID-19 epidemic was getting worse
world level.
(French version Benot Van Overstraeten)