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France-A second round of high-risk municipal for Macron

by Richard Lough

PARIS, June 28 ( – After three months
caused by the containment put in place to stem
the epidemic of the new coronavirus, many French people are
reminders at the polls for the second round of a municipal election
which risks to strike a blow to the ambitions of the Republic in
Marche, the party of President Emmanuel Macron.

A year ago, the latter hoped that his party,
who had won the legislative elections with flying colors
2017, would establish its presence in the country thanks to these
local elections, then seen as a springboard into the
perspective of the presidential elections of 2022.

But, in recent months, Emmanuel’s advisers
Macron have minimized the chances of success of the Republic in
March, telling him that it was possible, even probable, that the
party finds itself without any major victory on Sunday.

In Paris, polls suggest that Anne Hidalgo, the mayor
outgoing socialist, should be easily rolled, especially from
made of a disastrous campaign, marked by the Griveaux affair,
of the LREM in the capital.

For their part, cologists should display good
performances in many major cities, including Lyon, Bordeaux
and Marseille, continuing on the spear initiated by their
Results of the 2019 European elections.

At the other end of the political spectrum, the Rally
national, the far-right party led by Marine Le Pen,
could conquer his first city by more than 100,000
inhabitants with Perpignan.

The first round of municipal elections had been maintained
March 15, despite the acceleration of the epidemic
coronavirus, which had driven 48 hours later on
government set up a strict containment which was not
lev only on May 11.

“We will be careful, we will take our own pen,
we will wear a mask and use hydroalcoholic gel “,
said Christian Courtot, a Parisian withdrawal.

Emmanuel Macron is committed to “reinventing” his presidency,
with in particular the presentation in July of a detailed plan of
last two years of his mandate, supposed to put it into orbit
for the 2022 election.

This should go through a government reshuffle and
in particular by replacing Edouard Philippe, whose
popularity is far greater than that of Emmanuel Macron,

Prime Minister stands for municipal elections
du Havre, where he was put on waivers by the party candidate
(Benoit Van Overstraeten for the French version)