For car enthusiasts who have always wanted to own a luxury car without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoy this privilege, a new financial technology has come up with the perfect solution.

Rally Rd, a Fintech company based in New York that allows small investors to invest in rare collectibles, gives long-term asset diversification a whole new meaning. The platform has raised more than $ 10 million from investors such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Anthony Saleh, WndrCo, rapper / venture capitalist Nas and co-founder of Acorns, Jeff Cruttenden.

Rally Rd, which is blessed by the SEC, allows investors to buy classic auto stocks like Ferraris, Porsche, Lamborghinis and other classic models for a whopping $ 50 per share. There is a problem: although buyers of a Rally Rd asset are technically shareholders of an asset, they are deprived of the joys associated with getting behind the wheel, running the car – or even to see her closely.

However, Rally Rd has developed an intermediate solution. Last month, the company opened a showroom in the SoHo district of New York, with a 1980 Lamborghini Countach Turbo installed in its center. The Lamborghini, priced at $ 127 per share, is one of the 10 cars offered by Rally Rd at least to its app users, but targets 100 cars by the end of the year.

The goal of Rally Rd is to use the exhibition halls to give potential investors an opportunity to see what they buy, even if they do not want to. will never have the chance to drive him on the road.

Rally Rd aims to make investment more accessible to the small investor. Nevertheless, the vintage car market is no less than liquid and requires a lot of revenue available to participate. This raises the question of why someone would want to buy an asset that he can not physically possess.

"If you do not have $ 10 million in cash, you are not even in the category of investment in this area and the creation of significant value," said Christopher Bruno, co-founder and co-founder. CEO of Rally Rd.

He explained that the average investor in Rally Rd can "take advantage of the property effect" without the headaches and expenses associated with maintaining a top notch car.