On February 4, supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) previewed two new video platforms dedicated to the BCH ecosystem. Porn.cash and Cinema.cash give content creators the ability to post videos and be paid in cryptocurrency.

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Video editors and content creators are paid in BCH at Cinema Cash

A new video service powered by the BCH, called Cinema.cash which allows users to download content and be rewarded for their publications. Content creators can use two types of revenue streams to pay for crypto-tips and pay-per-view sessions. Tips are set by default for all videos. With pay-per-view, users must pay in advance to view the content. Registration is quite simple because users do not need to use email or verify their identity.
These video sharing sites pay creators of Bitcoin Cash contentCinema.cashOnly a username and password are required to register for both websites. Cinema Cash offers a wide range of videos on topics such as action, documentary, comedy, cryptocurrency and science fiction. The creators also designed a fundraising section so that users could post videos to raise money for an effort or a person in need. Porn.cash has exactly the same configuration as Cinema Cash, but its content is obviously more focused on adults.
These video sharing sites pay creators of Bitcoin Cash contentCategories Cinema.cash. By visiting the websites, visitors may find that both platforms have a decent amount of videos up to now. Users can also publish Youtube videos alongside Twitch TV and Vimeo movies. The Cinema Cash team states that with the ease of publishing content, creators can have their own scene. In addition to using BCH, the creators of the websites plan to encourage tips with a token called "Cash."

"To encourage tips, we also offer chances to earn cash tokens for every failover made," says the app developer. "Holders of cash tokens are all entitled to a share of the platform's profits based on the percentage of cash tokens they hold. Basically, we give the platform to the Bitcoin Cash community. "
These video sharing sites pay creators of Bitcoin Cash contentCinema.cash and Porn.cash both offer two types of payment, "free" and "pay-per-view".

Tip and pay-per-view

In the member options section, users can see a few tabs that allow them to interact with the site's content. For example, there is a "Download Video" tab that allows you to link a video to the website with a characterization. You can choose between two types of payment when downloading content, namely "free" and "à la carte". From there, the user can add a title, a description, a video URL, a screenshot, categories and keywords. The application has a native wallet that only allows withdrawals. When switching or paying for a movie, the platform will deploy a BCH address that can be copied and a QR code that can be scanned. The withdrawals section will display the win stats and the BCH and Cash token balances.
These video sharing sites pay creators of Bitcoin Cash contentPorn.cash is almost identical to the usual site, with the difference that it contains a wide variety of adult movies.Overall, the app has a decent amount of videos for this new platform. Basically, Cinema Cash clone, the other project of the creator, Porn Cash, also contains a lot of video material. The adult site contains many more movies where members have to pay to watch and it is likely that the pay-per-view model works better than on a regular site. Sure Reddit, BCH fans seem to be satisfied with the two new video sites. The platform developer said that there should be a more formal announcement regarding the development of the project. Users should also note that Cinema Cash and Porn Cash are currently in beta.

What do you think of the new bitcoin video sites powered by cash? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Cinema.cash and Porn.cash.

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