Cory Johnson, Bloomberg Television's presenter turned cryptographic technology vendor, is no longer with Ripple, a spokesman for the company said.

Johnson, who joined Ripple in 2018 as the market's chief strategist, has been stricken from the company's leadership page. "Cory's last year at Ripple has been a success in representing the company to investors, the press and regulators," said a spokesperson. "Cory helped Ripple with internal strategy and overall industry training. But due to changing market conditions, we have chosen to eliminate the role of chief strategist in the markets. "

His highly criticized hiring includes a profile in CNBC, which describes his role as an evangelist for the company known for his business sectors in international remittances and payments. Johnson, whose career at Bloomberg lasted 8 years, was – unsurprisingly – a strong advocate of Ripple's vision of his relationship with XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple argues that XRP is essentially independent of the firm. The connection between the two is not controversial – with some in the world of cryptography arguing that the coin is a security and that Ripple is a transmitter. Some claim that Ripple Labs, a precursor of Ripple, invented the XRP. Ripple says they did not do it but they were involved in his early days.

Part of Johnson's job was to make the relationship between Ripple and XRP less confusing. "The role of Ripple as a company and XRP as a currency in financial markets, regulators, financial institutions and investors could be more explicit," Johnson told CNBC at the time of his hiring. "I will try to explain, listen and define strategies that will allow Wall Street and the world of finance to easily understand what we are doing.