Billionaire investor George Soros warned that the European Union could collapse in the same way that the Soviet Union would have done if it did not "wake up".

The liberal political activist said in his Project Syndicate column that Europe needed to recognize its enemies, both internally and externally.

Europe "dozes into oblivion and it is necessary for Europeans to wake up before it's too late," Soros wrote.

"If they do not, the European Union will follow the path of the Soviet Union in 1991," he said.

The European Union (EU) is living a "revolutionary moment" and the final outcome is "very uncertain," explained the US-Hungarian investment guru.

Soros said Europe must recognize its enemies, then "awaken the sleepy pro-European majority and mobilize it to defend the values ​​on which the EU was founded".

"Otherwise, the dream of a united Europe could become the nightmare of the twenty-first century".

For his part, Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to tell UK legislators on Tuesday that they must keep the nerve on the Brexit to force the EU to accept changes to the divorce agreement that would open the door. way to an orderly exit.

The UK is about to leave the EU on March 29 without agreement, unless May can convince the bloc to change the divorce agreement that she had agreed to in November, and sell it to skeptical British legislators, Reuters said.

British lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected May's withdrawal agreement last month, the main stumbling block being the Irish "safety net" – an insurance policy designed to prevent the return of a difficult border between the British province Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

For its part, Soros's words are not his only attempt to offer comprehensive advice.

Soros warned last month against the "deadly danger" of the use of artificial intelligence by China to suppress its citizens under the leadership of Xi Jinping, which he described as The most dangerous of the democracies, reported Bloomberg.

"The control instruments developed by artificial intelligence confer an inherent advantage to totalitarian regimes over public companies," said the 88-year-old man at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "China is not the only authoritarian regime in the world, but it is unquestionably the richest, strongest and most developed in machine learning and artificial intelligence."

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