• (1:00) – The Internet of Things: Do you have to worry about hacking?
  • (7:15) – Big AI Push & Data Collection
  • (13:50) – Where to find investment opportunities
  • (26:00) – Roundup episode: GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN, NVDA, IBM, GE, CLDR
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  • Welcome to episode 166 of the Zacks Market Edge podcast.

    Tracey Ryniec, host and market strategist at Zacks, will be invited to discuss the most popular investment topics in equities, bonds and ETFs and their impact on your life.

    In this episode, Tracey is joined by Kevin Cook, senior equity strategist at Zacks and editor of the TAZR and Healthcare Innovators newsletter, to discuss developments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Having smart devices at home, at work or by car is no longer a fantasy of science fiction. This year, there should be more than 14 billion smart devices and this number is expected to nearly double by 2021.

    But growth pains develop along the way. In the suburbs of Chicago, a family recently saw its cameras and its Nest thermostat hacked and found a loss of confidentiality.

    Are there any security and privacy issues that the industry will face in the next year?

    Do you want technology companies to know when you turn on these lights, turn on the stove and what you order again to store your refrigerator every week?

    For investors: is Big the only way to get in?

    If you want to invest in the Internet of Things, your options are somewhat limited.

    At present, the industry is dominated by the big names in technology.

    Amazon's (AMZN – Free Report) Alexa and Echo and Alphabet's (GOOGL – Free Report) Google Home may only talk to certain consumers, but others may connect to other devices in their home. They are the epicenter of smart home technology.

    Alphabet also creates smart grids through its Nest Thermostat system.

    Microsoft (MSFT – Free Report) it's committed to spending $ 5 billion over the next four years on the Internet of Things and is already collaborating with other small businesses in the industry.

    NVIDIA (NVDA – Free Report) ), is of course one of the leading chip makers at the cutting edge of technology.

    But if investors want to go smaller, then they should consider Cloudera (CLDR – Free Report) , which is on the side of the data and the analysis of the company.

    What else should you know about investing in the Internet of Things in 2019?

    Listen to this week's podcast to find out.

    [In full disclosure, the author of this article owns shares of AMZN and GOOGL in her personal portfolio.]

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