The man who claims to have invented Bitcoin, Craig Wright, is sued in Florida for about $ 10 billion, or 1.1 million BTC. In December, Judge Beth Bloom of the Florida District dismissed Wright's request to dismiss the $ 1 billion lawsuit against him. Now Wright has responded to the complaints and most of his answers claim that he lacks sufficient knowledge or information to respond to the allegations.

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Wright denies the complaints and lacks sufficient knowledge to respond

Ira Kleiman, the brother of David Kleiman, which some believe may be Satoshi Nakamoto, is pursuing Craig Wright because he believes that his brother has been manipulated and defrauded. At the end of 2018, Wright's motion to dismiss the multi-billion dollar lawsuit against him was refused on most points. Judge Beth Bloom of Florida allowed Wright's motion to dismiss Complaints III and IV. But the self-appointed inventor of Bitcoin was forced to respond to claims I, II and V-IX. In addition, Judge Bloom explained that the lawsuit involved Florida residents, businesses and assets and that the court had every interest in ruling on a case involving fraud. After the refused refusal, Wright had to respond and on January 28, 2019, Wright's lawyers answered the second amended complaint.
Self-proclaimed "Satoshi" reacts to the billion dollar lawsuit against BitcoinCraig Wright is sued by Ira Kleiman, David Kleiman's brother, for about 1.1 million BTCs. With the exception of what is expressly admitted in the document, Wright denied each of the allegations contained in the second amended complaint. In addition, in responding to the complaint, counsel for Wright of Rivero Mestre LLP asserts that the respondent "does not accept the accuracy, validity, admissibility or merits of the second amended complaint". Wright also reserved all rights and objections to the exhibits, and in the course of many responses he did not have sufficient knowledge to answer them.

The majority of responses to the numbered paragraphs of the complaints state:

Dr. Wright lacks sufficient knowledge or information to get an idea of ​​the veracity of the allegations.

Barré and Estopé

Wright's defense, after denying much of the allegations, asserts that Ira Kleiman's claims are fundamentally excluded by the applicable statute of limitations. In the fifth affirmative defense, Wright's attorneys state that the Kleimans accepted shares in a Wright company, which released his obligations to David Kleiman's rights. The eight affirmative answers of the defense explain that the plaintiffs are precluded from asserting their allegations of fraud against Wright. This basically means that the Kleimans would have known about the Australian Taxation Office's investigation and Estoppel shows that they say something contrary to what that entails. In addition, Wright's counsel stated that the so-called oral partnership agreement was also prohibited by the Fraud Act. "There was no written partnership agreement between Dr. Wright and David Kleiman and / or W & K Info Defense Research, LLC," says the 36-page court document.
Self-proclaimed "Satoshi" reacts to the billion dollar lawsuit against BitcoinSome people think that David Kleiman could be one of the lost members of the Satoshi Nakamoto group.

Wright's recent memoir: "I Was Satoshi"

The news follows a chance blog article written by Wright in which he remembers the time when he would have created Bitcoin. Throughout the memoirs, the representative of Nchain claims essentially to be Satoshi. Wright then explains how he hated the Silk Road and hated Wikileaks before continuing. He explained how he could sign messages with old public keys associated with Satoshi, but refused to do so because it looked like asking to see his bank statement. Moreover, if he signed, no one would believe it, he says, and many will simply say he stole the keys. "Gavin knows that I have the keys to the beginning – what's that?" Concedes Wright.

The post also says:

I will not list the people who have helped me here, but Bitcoin started because of my ideas. It was my design, and it's my creation. And making sure that it can not be overthrown by criminals is and remains my duty – I was Satoshi.

After the post where Wright claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, the community again rejected his statements. Many believe that not signing the first keys is an excuse and they will not believe it before signing with keys belonging to Nakamoto. Wikileaks did not like either Wright's statements and refers to him as a "proven document falsifier", which is ironically one of the complaints against Wright in case number 9 in Florida: 18-cv-80176.

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