California Governor Gavin Newsom supported the development of blockchain and artificial intelligence (HAVEbased products) in his State of the State address, local dispatch CALmatters reported February 12th.

In its speech on Tuesday, February 12, Newsom said: "California needs a comprehensive strategy to improve the skill level of its workers, to ensure technological advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data, which create jobs and do not destroy them. to reform our institutions so that more workers have a right of ownership over their social capital. "

Newsom also revealed that it has appointed a new California Commission on Labor and the Future of Work – bringing together labor and business stakeholders – to develop innovative technologies and ensure opportunities. to the workers. Newsom said, "California is proud to be home to technology companies committed to changing the world."

Newsom also stressed that citizens of this state should be able to benefit from the sharing of their personal information on sites and online services. Newsom reportedly asked his team to develop a "data dividend" proposal for Californians, noting that "we recognize that your data has value and that it belongs to you".

Newsom is known for its proactive approach to technology development and digital currency. He reportedly introduced crypto to the party's political scene as early as 2014, when he became one of the first prominent politicians to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin format (BTC). In November 2018, Newsom sealed 59% of the electorate's support to defeat John Cox of the Republican Party in the mid-term elections to governors.

Like Cointelegraph recently reported89% of consumers think that companies are not doing enough to protect their data; More than half of all CEOs and senior executives admit that most consumers are right to doubt them about it. Blockchain, however, apparently assures that the data relating to digital identification is manageable.