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How do Indian users of cryptocurrency avoid banks closing their accounts?

Finance Indian banks closed the accounts of customers who, in their opinion, carried out transactions involving cryptocurrencies. However, the majority of crypto users in the country would have found a way to prevent their accounts from being closed by their… Continue Reading →

Nick Szabo: Central banks could turn to gold cryptocurrency reserves

Economy At the Bitcoin Summit in Israel held at Tel Aviv University on January 8, veteran cryptographer Nick Szabo explained that the use of censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies would increase in trade-sanctioned countries and economies suffering from failed monetary planning. Szabo also… Continue Reading →

Chief Executive Officer Urges Critics to Acquire 200 Customers: Banks Will Use XRP

January 9th, CCN reported that 13 financial institutions started using the Ripple blockchain via RippleNet, bringing to 200 the total number of banks in Ripple's ecosystem. Fintech applications and banks such as Euro Exim Bank, SendFriend and JNFX have integrated… Continue Reading →

5 additional banks and financial technologies will use XRP cryptocurrency

Ripple announced today that a total of 13 additional financial institutions had joined RippleNet, a total of more than 200. Of these, five of them will use ripple cryptocurrency ( XRP) for liquidity. The institutions named in the press release… Continue Reading →

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