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Bitcoin could reach $ 10 million and become a new gold standard: Asset Manager

Asset manager Lucid says the price of bitcoin may one day reach $ 10 million. | Source: Shutterstock By Throughout the cryptographic market's upward run in 2017, bitcoin price expectations have preserved the excitement and frenzy of the encrypted… Continue Reading →

How the US government judgment affects the approval of Bitcoin ETF

settlement The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to make a decision on the Vaneck Solidx bitcoin ETF next month, and the deadline can not be extended further. However, since the US government is currently closed, a securities… Continue Reading →

The regulation has ruined the physical bitcoin industry

Economy & Regulation As bitcoiners celebrate the 10th anniversary of Satoshi's invention, veteran enthusiasts will realize that much has changed since the early days. The art of making charged physical bitcoins is an activity that was once extremely popular. Government… Continue Reading →

The finance professor who says that Bitcoin is going to "bite the dust" is wrong

Kevind Dowd. Image of the Independent Institute. By CCN.comKevin Dowd is Professor of Finance and Economics at the Business School of the University of Durham, North East of England, and co-author of the 2015 paper "Bitcoin will bite the dust,"… Continue Reading →

Blame banks for damaging the environment – not Bitcoin

Op-ed Another mainstream media has published an article warning of the dangers that Bitcoin poses to the environment. We have heard these overly simplistic arguments countless times before. Even if we accept that Bitcoin's energy consumption is important, this figure… Continue Reading →

A bitcoin of nearly $ 3,750 in top cryptos: moderate gains

Saturday, January 19th – All 20 best crypto-currencies see light to moderate gains within 24 hours to squeeze time. Bitcoin (BTC) the price is close to $ 3,750 again, according to Coin360 The data. Visualization of the market from Coin360… Continue Reading →

The social layer is ironically the key to the security of Bitcoin – TechCrunch

A funny thing happened in the second half of 2018. At one point, all the actors in the crypto sector looked around and realized that we were not very numerous. The friends we had convinced during the last holiday season… Continue Reading →

Has Bitcoin Cash failed? 500 days from the fork, it looks like it's the case

Nearly 17 months after the fork controversy that gave birth to Bitcoin Cash, it may be safe to say that the purpose of this fork may have been defeated, making Bitcoin Cash a little more than a simple altcoin. A… Continue Reading →

Daily Bitcoin transactions in the Darknet markets doubled in 2018

The use of bitcoin as a means of payment has doubled in 2018 on the darknet market sites, where users can buy illicit drugs with false identifiers, even if the price of cryptocurrency has collapsed, according to a study by… Continue Reading →

Was Bitcoin really handled? – The block

Alex Kruger is a trader, economist and former banker with expertise in global macro and cryptocurrency. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. You can follow Alex on Twitter and Way. by contributor network 3 hours ago ยท 6… Continue Reading →

MIT and Stanford Academics design cryptocurrency to improve Bitcoin

Some of the brightest minds in the United States pool their intellectual resources to create a cryptocurrency designed to do what Bitcoin has been unable to: process thousands of transactions per second. Professors from seven US universities, including the Massachusetts… Continue Reading →

What spiral of death? Bitcoin hashrate is still climbing

Contrasting with bearish predictions, Bitcoin hashrate is on the rise again. | Source: Shutterstock After a period of sustained bearish sentiment in the Bitcoin mining market, accompanied by three notable reductions in the last third of 2018, the crypto-currency's flagship… Continue Reading →

What is Bitcoin? (Part 1) – Pirate Midi

It's easy to believe that you understand something just because you've heard the term many times. At the surface level, that's true. You know what a stethoscope is because you saw a stethoscope and used it. However, on a deeper… Continue Reading →

Why Russia probably does not foresee a $ 10 billion purchase by Bitcoin

Several "news" crypto outlets have cooked ham with a story about the Russian government planning a massive purchase of Bitcoin. Russia has not made any official announcement to this effect. The journalist was first contacted for the report that had… Continue Reading →

How to generate a Bitcoin address with your own name

Featured You do not have to be vain to want a vanity address. A custom bitcoin address is the crypto equivalent of a personalized license plate, with some of its 26-35 alphanumeric characters very close to the name of the… Continue Reading →

Why NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang, says he's Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin

NEO seems to be losing ground in the popularity contest, at least lately. In the glory days of 2017, the "Chinese Ethereum" was among the 10 best cryptocurrencies with unbeatable potential. NEO has been touted as being faster, better and… Continue Reading →

No, IBM Quantum computer will not break Bitcoin

Featured IBM recently unveiled its Q System One system at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019, describing the quantum computer as being developed for "commercial use." Despite numerous media outlets denouncing the imminent death of Bitcoin, IBM's quantum system is… Continue Reading →

Newspaper Announcement solicits donations for Bitcoin Baby's College

New Although she only has one week, Izabella Bowles carries high expectations on her tiny shoulders. The baby, born on January 6, will go to college when she is older, so parents Wioletta and Peter can help her. In addition,… Continue Reading →

Part 8 of Bitcoin History: 1500 BTCs cost less than $ 1

Featured How much is a bitcoin worth? In terms of fiduciary money, the answer is constantly changing, but from the beginning, the following thing has come true: a bitcoin is worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay…. Continue Reading →

Bit Management Asset Management Files with SEC for New Bitcoin ETF

Finance Bitwise Asset Management is the latest US financial company to apply for regulatory approval to launch a bitcoin ETF. The company expects to get approval from the SEC, which all other candidates have not been able to do so… Continue Reading →

Bitwise files with US SEC for physically owned Bitcoin ETF

The cryptocurrency index fund provider, Bitwise Asset Management, has United States Commission for Security and Trade (SECOND) to launch a new Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Fund (AND F), according to one registration form published today, January 10th. According to the… Continue Reading →

New Blockchain project generates 20% of daily Bitcoin transactions

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " (Getty)Getty Recently, Bitcoin developers have noticed a strange activity on the blockchain. More specifically, a large number of unidentified people OP_RETURN the transactions were discovered. OP_RETURN is a type of Bitcoin transaction used… Continue Reading →

Ten years ago today, Hal Finney started using bitcoin

Hal Finney is one of the many people suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto. A longtime cryptographer and cryptographer, Finney was the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction. From Satoshi Nakamoto. He was excited about the project from the beginning…. Continue Reading →

French tobaccos start selling bitcoin despite the uncertainty of regulation

Several tobaccos in Paris, la France, started selling Bitcoin (BTC) despite regulatory uncertainties, Reuters reports Tuesday, January 8 Reuters has learned that the largest cryptocurrency in the world can now be bought in six tobacco stores in Paris. However, in… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin on sale in 2 French tobacco shops

New At least 24 tobacco shops started selling Bitcoin coupons in the French capital, Paris. Widely known as "tobaccos", stores received regulatory approval for cryptocurrency sales last year. More than 6,500 tobaccos, about a quarter of all tobacco registered in… Continue Reading →

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