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The crypto market adds $ 5 billion while the price of bitcoins exceeds $ 3,700

Image credit: Shutterstock In the last 24 hours, the cryptography market has rebounded slightly from $ 120 billion to $ 125 billion following a promising break in the market. Bitcoin price above $ 3,700. The strong unforeseen movement of Bitcoin… Continue Reading →

The total value of bitcoins sent to Darknet markets increased by 70% in 2018: report

During the last year, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) sent to darknet markets increased by 70%, according to a Chainalysis study report published on January 18th. The Chainalysis report points out that Bitcoin price activity does not influence the activity… Continue Reading →

Coinstar machines will start selling bitcoins at the grocery store – TechCrunch

You know these machines at the grocery store that turn your pots into gallons into a more usable currency? They are about to start selling Bitcoin . For this dream of impulse buying to become reality, Coinstar, the society behind… Continue Reading →

184.4 billion Bitcoins from Thin Air

On August 15, 2010, an unknown hacker almost destroyed Bitcoin. The hacker has generated 184,467 billion Bitcoins in its pure state in what is now known as Incident of excess value. Satoshi Nakamoto quickly shoved the blockchain to remove the… Continue Reading →

How to invest in Bitcoins … before the flock comes back

Learning to invest in bitcoins reminds me to learn how to use the Internet in the 90s. Few investments are as confusing. Shares have been trading for more than 400 years. But the cryptocurrency is barely ten years old. Questions… Continue Reading →

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