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WWF uses the blockchain to track the impact of products on the environment

Screen capture of Patagonian toothfish blockchain Image: provided WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures have teamed up to launch a new blockchain-based platform to track the environmental and ethical impact of food and products. By launching the OpenSC platform in Sydney… Continue Reading →

The importance of modularity in a Blockchain platform

Ara project: a modular smartphone idea. Modularity refers to the ability of a system to break down into components that can be separated and recombined. The best software development tools are often very modular and can reuse "assemblies" or "modules"…. Continue Reading →

How Blockchain and Big Data Complement – Midi Hacker

Blockchain and Big Data are two technologies in full swing, but they are also two complementary technologies. Learn how the blockchain transforms storage and data analysis. In recent years, blockchain is at the heart of computer technologies. It is a… Continue Reading →

Gemalto Reports Increased Use of Blockchain for Securing the Internet of Things

(Image: Gemalto) The use of blockchain technology to secure data, devices and Internet of Things (IoT) services doubled last year, a report from Gemalto revealed. According to the company The state of IoT security report, released on Tuesday, the blockchain… Continue Reading →

Zim, Israel's first cargo forwarding company, opens Blockchain platform to all its customers

Israel's largest cargo shipping company Zim opened his blockchain platform for electronic bills of lading (eB / Ls) to all customers in selected trades. News of the world of expedition TradeWinds reported the news today, January 14th. Following a successful… Continue Reading →

Major Spanish energy company to use blockchain for renewable energy monitoring

From Spain Major energy Iberdrola company started using blockchain to follow renewable energies, the independent Spanish press agency Europa Press reports Monday, January 14th. The first test was conducted in cooperation with Kutxabank, a local company bank based in the… Continue Reading →

Blockchain + IoT for supply chain – Hacker Midi

Supply chain management (SCM) is becoming a chaotic mess over the days, as current technology used under the hood is now obsolete. There is still a lot of manual work, which costs a lot of time and money. For example,… Continue Reading →

The University of Bahrain will issue degrees on Blockchain with the help of Blockcerts

the University Bahrain will award diplomas on the blockchain, Local English Media Trade Arabia reports January 13th. According to the aforementioned article, the university uses the open standard Blockcerts in partnership with Learning Machine, a start-up providing a system for… Continue Reading →

Why is the newspaper more powerful than the Blockchain? – Hacker

In early January 2009, the first block Bitcoin Blockchain has been mined. The next newspaper title was hard-coded in the block. "The Times 03 / Jan / 2009 The Chancellor is about to launch her second rescue plan for banks…. Continue Reading →

5 free classes to learn Blockchain programming in 2019

photo by Clint Adair sure Unsplash Hello guys, how are you? I hope you all have a good time and that you are working to reach your goal this year. I've shared a lot of courses and tutorials in this… Continue Reading →

China to enforce regulation for blockchain chain companies in February

The Chinese regulator of the Internet, the Administration of cyberspace in China(CAC) in a detailed document describes a final regulatory project regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The rules will come into effect on February 19 and will provide a set… Continue Reading →

New Blockchain project generates 20% of daily Bitcoin transactions

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " (Getty)Getty Recently, Bitcoin developers have noticed a strange activity on the blockchain. More specifically, a large number of unidentified people OP_RETURN the transactions were discovered. OP_RETURN is a type of Bitcoin transaction used… Continue Reading →

New York Sticks With Crypto, opening Blockchain Center in full rout

New York does not abandon the digital register technology that allows Bitcoin and other tokens to work even after the collapse of the cryptocurrency market last year. The New York City Economic Development Corporation announced that its Blockchain Center in… Continue Reading →

Nearly $ 500,000 in Ethereum Classic coin stolen by forcing his blockchain

The attackers stole nearly 500,000 dollars from the Ethereum Classic digital currency by carrying out an intensive computer hacking that rewrote its blockchain, officials said Monday from Coinbase, one of the major trading centers of encrypted currency. This operation is… Continue Reading →

Can Dubai become the first blockchain powered city by 2020?

When we think of Dubai, we think of the lifestyle of Arab billionaires, 6-star hotels and grandiose skyscrapers. But did you know that plans are in place to make Dubai the first city with block chains by 2020? Dr. Aisha… Continue Reading →

5 ways blockchain revolutionizes higher education

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " By Kevin Roebuck What is blockchain and how will it transform education and research? Let's ask this question from another angle: what is education and how will it evolve as a result of… Continue Reading →

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