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Malicious software for Windows Torrent files can exchange cryptographic addresses, warns a researcher

New malware in the form of a movie file on the The Pirate Bay (TPB) torrent website can manipulate Web pages and replace Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) addresses, computer magazine Bleeping Computer reported on January 12th. The malware –… Continue Reading →

Japan approves 17th cryptographic exchange – its first in more than a year

Exchanges It has been more than a year since the Japanese Financial Services Agency approved the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange system in the country. Coincheck, which was hacked at the beginning of last year, became the 17th fully registered… Continue Reading →

Thailand issues first licenses for 4 cryptographic exchanges – TechCrunch

Thailand joined Japan in the regulation of cryptographic exchanges after issuing its first licenses to four applicants. The four Bx, Bitkub, Coins and Satang Pro approved as brokers and sellers of cryptocurrencies in the country are licensed. Another exchange –… Continue Reading →

Cryptographic Theses for 2019 – The Block

Bitcoin 1) After a strong launch in 2018, I see the growth of Lightning Network continuing in 2019. I predict that the number of Lightning nodes with channels will be ≥ 10,000 on ~ 2,100 now (60% confidence) because of… Continue Reading →

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