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IBM Blockchain Platform now lives in Melbourne

IBM has made its blockchain platform available from IBM's Melbourne data center, enabling customers to run their applications on the company's cloud and meet data sovereignty requirements. The platform will also be available via the Sydney data center by the… Continue Reading →

NYSE Bakkt Operator Crypto Platform Completes First Acquisition

Bakkt, the highly anticipated digital assets platform managed by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), closed its first acquisition, a tweet from the company revealed February 8th. This transaction marks the completion of an asset acquisition at commission broker Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG)…. Continue Reading →

Fidelity announces that the institutional cryptography platform is in the final test phase

Finance Fidelity has issued an update announcing that its long awaited Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) exchange and custody exchange platform has entered its "final test" phase. The financial services provider also indicated that it exclusively serves a "set of… Continue Reading →

Fidelity approaching the launch of cryptocurrency trading and custody platform

The large American financial services company Fidelity Investments announced for the first time in October that it was building a cryptocurrency trading and preservation platform. They are now almost ready to launch their Fidelity Digital Assets Exchange. Fidelity Investments is… Continue Reading →

Binance launches Euro-pound-Fiat platform for crypto in Jersey

Exchanges European and British investors looking for a gateway to convert their fiat into cryptocurrency have just procured another place to trade. The popular digital exchange Binance has launched a euro-pound-crypto-crypto trading platform in the British Crown Dependency in Jersey…. Continue Reading →

The importance of modularity in a Blockchain platform

Ara project: a modular smartphone idea. Modularity refers to the ability of a system to break down into components that can be separated and recombined. The best software development tools are often very modular and can reuse "assemblies" or "modules"…. Continue Reading →

Zim, Israel's first cargo forwarding company, opens Blockchain platform to all its customers

Israel's largest cargo shipping company Zim opened his blockchain platform for electronic bills of lading (eB / Ls) to all customers in selected trades. News of the world of expedition TradeWinds reported the news today, January 14th. Following a successful… Continue Reading →

Thai start-up Atomicpay launches non-custodial cryptocurrency payment platform

Fintech Atomicpay, a payment start-up registered in Thailand, has officially launched its non-confidential cryptographic payment terminal for merchants worldwide. Founder and developer Benz Rif said that the platform, which supports BTC, BCH, LTC and other cryptos, eliminates the involvement of… Continue Reading →

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