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Nestl joins the Rainforest label for its KitKat brand in the UK

Zurich ( / hooly News) – The British branch of the Swiss food giant Nestlé announced on Tuesday a change of partnership for its sustainable cocoa supplies for its KitKat brand, now opting for the Rainforest label after ten years of cooperation with the foundation Fairtrade.

From October 2020, the Swiss group will rely on the Rainforest Alliance, one of the major certification bodies for sustainable development products, for its brand of chocolate wafers sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it stated in a statement.

Nestlé, which is already working with the Rainforest Alliance on other products, including coffee, explained this change of partner by the desire to harmonize the sustainable development labels within its portfolio of confectionery brands, while saying “aware” of the impact that this change will have on some farmers.

He said that he was putting in place measures to limit the repercussions and support the end of the partnership with the Fairtrade foundation.

It intends to provide financial assistance to cocoa producers to allow those who wish to have their exploitation certified to the Rainforest Alliance, in addition to a pilot project in which it intends to invest 1 million pounds sterling (1.1 million euros) to improve their income. An envelope of 500,000 pounds will be added to finance local projects, detailed the Swiss group.

In a press release, the Fairtrade foundation, which certifies many fair trade products ranging from flowers to coffee and bananas, said it regrets this decision after ten years of cooperation which have made a big “difference” for small cocoa producers but also sugar cane, bringing “a safety net” to their income. She called on the Swiss group to “reconsider its decision”.

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