on the pnibilit, the employers blocks and the procrastinating government

The government has presented several measures that improve the project, including the extension of phased retirement to the public service and an early retirement system for caregivers, but it continues to refer to later discussions what was at the heart of debates: how to allow retirement before the legal age for employees whose life expectancy has been affected by their professional activation. ” There can be no just reform if we do not find a solution. We see a big blockage of employers. It is therefore up to the executive and the deputies to take their responsibilities. “, Reaffirmed Laurent Berger after leaving a meeting in Matignon supposed to take stock of the consultations, on February 13.

At the time of going to press (February 14), there is not yet a solution emerging to overcome the status quo, but nothing is final. At any time during parliamentary procedure, the government can table amendments. For their part, the deputies send more and more visible signals towards the executive expressing their will to improve the reform, in particular on the arduousness, but also on the family rights and the employment of the seniors. And they categorically refuse the idea that this text can pass in 49.3, that is to say in blocked vote without debate in the hemicycle. ” We will finish examining the text and we will take the time it takes “Reaffirmed in the social press the deputy Guillaume Gouffier-Cha one of the rapporteurs of the bill, faced with the insistent rumor of a government trying to force through to avoid endless debates with the opposition.

To come out on top of this showdown, the CFDT proposes that the question of the four arduousness criteria not recognized by the system today, be returned to negotiations in the professional branches in order to find the finest possible solution, most in line with the experience of employees. But this proposal only makes sense if the bill provides for an additional device (a kind of broom measure) which would apply if the branches fail to find an agreement. ” Employers will only enter into negotiations if they are forced to do so “Summarizes Frédérique Sève, the CFDT national secretary in charge of pensions. The government is warned, the CFDT continues to be mobilized and does not give up in any way to obtain progress on the arduousness.


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