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Paris, Berlin and Rome call for an end to the fighting in Libya

PARIS, June 25 ( – France, Germany and
Italy called on Thursday in a joint statement to arrest
immediate fighting in Libya and the end of all
foreign ingredients in the country.

Turkey intervenes militarily in Libya in support of
national dentent government (GEN), recognized by the
international community, facing the marchal offensive
Haftar, the strong man of eastern Libya, who enjoys support
from Moscow, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

For several weeks, France denounces the “game
dangerous “from Ankara in the country, attracting in return
scathing critics of the Turkish authorities who accuse him of
support Haftar and at the same time welcome the “impartiality” of

“Faced with the growing risk of deterioration of the situation in
Libya and regional escalation, France, Germany and
Italy Calls on All Libyan Parties to Cease
immediately and unconditionally fighting and suspending the
ongoing strengthening of military assets across the country “,
say the spokespersons of the Ministers of Business
foreigners from the three countries in a press release.

Paris, Berlin and Rome “encourage the rapid conclusion of
negotiations “between the two Libyan camps under the aegis of
United Nations “to allow the signing of an agreement
sustainable and credible ceasefire. “

“This is an essential element to create the conditions
necessary for the effective resumption of political dialogue
Inter-Libyan government, which will allow a resolute resolution of the conflict.
All efforts in this direction, including the Egyptian initiative
announced on June 6, should be encouraged, “they add.

“Any initiative in support of a cease-fire agreement and
a negotiated political settlement of the Libyan crisis must be
fully inclusive and be fully committed to the
principles of the Berlin Conference, which remains the only framework

Organized on January 19, the Berlin conference
advocated a strengthening of the arms embargo imposed
Libya in the hope of achieving a lasting ceasefire.
(Jean-Stphane Brosse)