PODCAST: Real estate loan insurance, speed limit and parking fines card … The eco flash of the day

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Find the basics of the eco news of the day in the flash made by Capital.

The figure of the day: 44 euros. According to the Government, this is the average extra cost that could be incurred by subjecting the death cover of insurance contracts to the TSCA. This 9% special tax only applied until now to guarantees covering incapacity for work, loss of employment and part of the disability. Article 52 of the draft budget law provides for the extension of this tax to all premiums paid by the insured, from 1 January 2019. Already in September, Capital had calculated the potential impact of this measure. Find the details of our calculations on Capital.fr

The rash of the day, we owe it to Olivier Dassault, MP LR, who joins the fed-up of the motorists. Opposing the limitation to 80 km / h on the secondary road network, entered into force on July 1, the parliamentarian signed a bill to experiment the speed of 150 km / h on sections of motorways. Inspired by the examples of Germany and Austria, the son of the aircraft manufacturer Serge Dassault believes that a higher speed limits the risk of drowsiness. He also suggested canceling the withdrawal of points if the other roads exceed 20 km / h. His text is unlikely to arrive at the desks of the deputies.

The practical info Capital. Automobile still, but at a standstill. As a reminder, since January, the municipalities themselves define the amount of fines in case of non-payment of parking. Goodbye the traditional PV of 17 euros and hello the "post-parking package" (FPS). As a result, according to the association of the Group of Transport Authorities, 70% of the 616 municipalities surveyed made the note blaze. For example, in some areas of Lyon, the SPF can cost up to 60 euros, an increase of 253%. Visit Capital to find your town on our interactive map.

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