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Poland-Presidential campaign against anti-LGBT hatred

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by Joanna Plucinska and Anna Wlodarczak-Semczuk

WARSAW, June 23 ( – Despite the coronavirus,
Marzenna Latawiec, 60, is determined to go to the polls
Sunday during the Polish presidential election for
fight a growing wave of homophobia that surfs
notably outgoing president Andrzej Duda.

“I cannot accept that an adult and mature person
be held responsible for such comments and the consequences thereof
flow, “added this mother of two homosexual boys.

Andrzej Duda, 48, introduced himself as the goalkeeper
social programs, which saw some Poles from
to fall into poverty, while mobilizing its base
conservative with attacks on LGBT “ideology”
(lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender).

In the running for a second five-year term, the president
outgoing said this month that the LGBT “ideology” was more
as dangerous as communist doctrine.

“My parents’ generation fought for 40 years
to eliminate the communist ideology of the schools so that it does not
cannot be imposed on children (…), they did not
beaten so that a new ideology appears again
more destructive, “he said of his supporters during a
campaign meeting.

His opponent, the centrist mayor of Warsaw, Rafal
Trzaskowski, also 48 years old, made a commitment
combat hate speech and protect those who hate it
the victims.

For Marzenna Latawiec, IT consultant, Andrzej
Duda and the National Conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS)
maintain a climate of hatred by doing so.

An accusation that Andrzej Duda’s campaign team
refutes and which, according to her, obscures the calls for respect for all
the citizens of whoever stands as a defender of the
moral “backbone” of Catholic Poland.

Despite a drop in the polls, Andrzej Duda is
still credited with 40% of voting intentions, against 27% for
Rafal Trzaskowski. The two candidates would however be
elbow elbow if a second round were to take place on July 12.

Five years ago, Duda won 35% of the vote
first round and 52% in the second.

If Rafal Trzaskowski made a commitment last year to put in
places legal and psychological support measures for
LGBT people, he lived to position himself on marriage
homosexual, stressing the sensitive nature of this question

Third in polls, Catholic journalist
Szymon Holownia, for his part, said he
would authorize homosexual civil unions. He also
to limit the participation of state representatives
religious events, very common practice since the
Worse came to power in 2015.
(French version Kate Entringer, said by Jean-Michel Blot)