# 354 – Edition of Friday, November 23, 2018

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The city in the digital revolution. " The nineteenth century was a century of Empires; the twentieth century, that of the nation-states. The twenty-first century will be a century of cities.". Wellington Webb, former mayor of Denvers, in 2009.0715

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Conception and writing: Patrick Damien

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Image legend. A hydrocarbon pipeline in Canada • Credits: Joel Sartore, Getty. The idea of ​​a deterrent tax system designed to reduce pollution is gradually emerging. What consequences of an ecological taxation that impacts both producers and consumers of energy? Can we believe in the regulatory power of a CO² emissions market? Listen to the show The meaning of the tax: Taxing to breathe better on the site of @franceculture.

#RevueDActu [Consultthe[ConsulterlaReview of daily news published on the Blog FTV Regions.]

► For the Mayor of Mulhouse, Michèle Lutz, " The modernization of our electricity networks is essential to build the city of tomorrow, a smart city focused on the energy transition. " And for " to avoid the inconvenience to the inhabitants and to limit the costs, we have carried out, in the last years, an important work with all the concessionaires and the providers of energy, says Michèle Lutz. When work is planned on a sector, we look upstream with all the actors if they are likely to be concerned, in order to limit the duration of works and to gain in efficiency. "


► As of January 1st, tobacco shops will be able to sell bitcoins that are a virtual currency or cryptomonnaies. In the beginning, between 3,000 and 4,000 tobacco shops will be equipped with software allowing the direct purchase of bitcoins coupons for amounts of several values: 50, 100 or 250 euros. The Prudential Supervisory Authority, institution responsible for the supervision of the activity of banks and insurance in France, has validated this process of buying bitcoins for a simple reason: there is no choice. Cryptocurrency is becoming a global currency, and it is better to accompany this inevitable movement as well as market and consumer demand.

► Jean-Pierre Landau's report on the cryptocurrencies given on July 4, 2018 in Bercy, recommends that "la good approach is to let the crypto-currencies and innovations they carry develop in the virtual space they occupy ". In conclusion, this report states: How will the value be exchanged on the Internet tomorrow? To this question, crypto-currencies provide an ambitious answer. It is about creating new currencies, based on new technologies: the blockchain and the distributed registers, which allow a decentralized management of the currency without trusted third party, in contrast to the hierarchical and centralized systems of the official currencies. "

► Link review: – Recent studies have calculated that Bitcoin activity represented the equivalent of Ireland's energy consumption; – Bitcoin mogul wants to build a Utopian city in Nevada

Image legend. The photo of a 1950s red Plymouth displayed on the wall of a car dealer in Minnesota. Today environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in the public debate and the crusade against cars seems more and more important. Listen to the broadcasts Automobile: on the road to the future, series in four episodes on the site of @franceculture: 1 / Metropolises: hide this car that I could not see; 2 / From Berlin to Seoul: the green challenge industry; 3 / Tomorrow the K2000 for all; 4 / Is the car still dreaming?

# Viva-Cities [[The digital and resilient city].

Faced with rising fuel prices, they choose carpooling. On the edge of the A68, Saint-Sulpice's carpool area fills up early in the morning. With 80 parking spaces, it is increasingly used, both by workers or students traveling to Albi or Toulouse. For this teacher in an Albigeois high school, it's an economical solution: " It's been 3, 4 years that I carpool, I saved half of what would have cost me a classic trip. For his colleague, it's obvious: It's silly to have empty cars when gas is so expensive.

Home-to-work car pooling, the anti-plug solution? An example: there are 2.3 million car trips take place every day in the Toulouse area … This partly explains the traffic jams and pollution peaks. Some motorists have become aware of it and are starting to carpool. Thus a motorist, new follower of the car, explains that his journey takes him 40 minutes instead of 30 with his personal car. But when talking with the passengers the trip goes faster.


► At the traditional ' Singles party ", A day of monster sales in China, called" 11.11 Global Shopping Festival », The online commerce giant Ali Baba once again broke its Internet sales record on Sunday 11 November with 27 billion euros in 24 hours, which is more than Estonia's GDP. For the record, in 2017, the group had recorded in 24 hours some 25 billion dollars transactions on its platforms.

#Virtual reality

► A Japanese woman has a hologram. A 35-year-old official married in October with Hatsune Miku, a digital singer dreamed up about ten years ago in Japan for marketing purposes. If marriage is purely symbolic, its media attention has drawn attention to a phenomenon that already affects thousands of Japanese singles. The bridegroom wants to be recognized as a new " sexual minority ". To read the file on the holographic on the @LExpress website.

#LiensVagabonds published by the Métamedia website.

Facebook back in turmoil. To remember this week on @Metamedia: – We can not do without the data, they are everywhere; – "We can not do without the data, they are everywhere"; – Why are we so quick to believe the end of the truth? ; – The mutation of the TV, seen by Google; – Quantum computing, a domain that goes beyond humans?

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