RUBIS: Result of the capital increase reserved for Group employees

Paris the 22 May 2020 19h00

Rubis had announced, the 7 fvr1st 2020, a capital increase reserved for employees ligible of companies adhering to the PlanEpargne Entranceeprise Rubis Avenir. The maximum nominal amount authorized by the Combined General Meeting of 11 June 2019 amounted to 700,000 euros (560000 Ruby shares).

The price of souscription was fix 37,48 euros, is, according to article L 3332-19 from Code of travail, 70% of the average of first price quoted at the previous twenty stock market sessions la decision from Collge of Grance of 6 January 2020.

The period of subscription is stretched from 23 March at 10 April 2020.

The funds invested in actions Rubis through the FCPE Rubis Avenir will be available after a blocking period of 5 years except in the event of early blocking.

After theunderription, Rubis found that 515 salalaugh, is 52,82 % of eligible employees, have ainsi subscribes for the capital increase 3854330,76 euros.

102 837 actions ordinary new ((or 0,10 % of shares outstanding) were put the 20May 2020.

New actions carry enjoyment from 1er January 2020 and will not be entitled to the dividend for the year ended December 31, 2019. They are assimilated to existing actions. Their admission to negotiations on the Euronext Paris market was request from their mission on a second cota linetion in relation to existing actions.

At the end of this operation, thehe share capital of Rubis 125610611,25 euros divided into 100483 061 actions ordinaries and in 5,428 Preference actionsnce of 1.25 euro nominal value each.


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