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( – Eurobio Scientific has announced CE marking for its test of Covid-19. This proprietary kit EBX 041 SARS CoV2 follows the design recommended by the National Reference Center and has been validated on clinical samples with an independent hospital. It is a multiplex kit with 3 targets, 2 for identification of the virus and a target for a control integrated into each patient test. The test is produced internally by Eurobio, in its recently renovated Ulis premises and follows the ISO 13481 regulatory standard process.

The production capacity is more than 200 kits of 96 tests, or nearly 20,000 tests per day, with a capacity to triple this volume according to demand.

This test allows the rapid detection (1h15) after extraction, of the identification genes of the SARS COv2 virus as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At the same time, Eurobio Scientific continues to distribute the Allplex Coronavirus panel from its South Korean partner Seegebe, of which it is the exclusive distributor in France. With nearly 60 laboratories and technical platforms installed in France (public and private), the order book (sales + orders) for these tests and related instruments currently stands at around 5 million euros.

The company remains organized, in the current epidemic context, to produce and deliver according to the demand of hospital and private laboratories.

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