US launches massive test plan for experimental coronavirus vaccines – sources

CHICAGO, May 22 ( – The United States is working on
a massive testing program of half a dozen vaccines
against the coronavirus in which could participate
more than 100,000 volunteers, we learned from researchers
combine this initiative.

The objective is to accelerate research to have here
the end of the year of a safe and effective vaccine against

The potential vaccine developed by the American laboratory
of biotechnology Moderna will be the first test
as part of this program from July, said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes
of health (NIH).

He could be followed quickly by the one who is trying to
develop the British University of Oxford and AstraZeneca

Vaccine candidates from J&J, Sanofi and
Merck could be tested in turn this
after completion of phase 1 clinical trials.

Moderna’s candidate vaccine is already in the testing phase
clinical studies on human guinea pigs. Those of Johnson & Johnson,
Sanofi and Merck are a month or two behind, said Dr

The idea is to bring back a duration of only a few months
a process that generally takes ten years, an illustration of
the urgency of the health crisis that has paralyzed whole areas
of the world economy.

To achieve this, say these researchers, the laboratories
have agreed to share their data and open their networks
clinical trials their competitors if their own “candidate
vaccine “fails.

In order to get a quicker response, these vaccines
will also be tested among professionals in the
health and members of communities where the virus is spreading
always to see if the injections reduce the onset
new cases.
(Julie Steenhuysen
French version Nicolas Delame and Henri-Pierre Andr)