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“VTC in anger”: Paris snail operation

PARIS ( / hooly News) – Several hundred VTC drivers have carried out a snail operation in Paris, at the call of the INV union, to demand measures against “false VTC drivers” and demand more “support measures against the crisis linked to Covid-19 “, noted an hooly News journalist.

Gathered in front of the State Secretariat for Transport, they asked for “a numerus clausus” to “stop this masquerade”. “There are a lot of bogus drivers,” said Ben Ali Brahim, secretary general of the VTC INV (Intersyndicale nationale VTC) union. “We see bogus drivers tarnishing our reputation,” he added.

He spoke of a “digital wild west, where the city sheriff, Uber, does not want to show his algorithm and the way he checks fraudulent profiles”.

The drivers, who then left on a snail operation to Bercy, also claim economic support to deal with the crisis: “concrete measures” such as the freezing of contributions, insurance and bank charges, as well as a “Covid bonus -19 to be able to support ourselves and save our businesses. “

Samia, driver, protests for “better working conditions”. “We are blocked several streets of Paris, while we are rendering a service to the public,” she testified.

“We have a profession as regulated as taxis,” said Ibrahim, chauffeur-driven. “She talks about us as if we were rapists and thugs,” he added, referring to Anne Hidalgo, outgoing mayor of Paris.

The snail operation towards the Ministry of the Economy mobilized 500 cars, according to the police present on the spot and more than 1,000 according to INV.

Arriving in front of the ministry, Omar, a VTC driver placed a skeleton in costume on a gallows. “It is to represent the death of our profession,” he explained.

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